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Massachusetts Poker Bill moves to next stage of approval

The State of Massachusetts has moved one step closer to seeing online betting being legal in the state. This is due to the Massachusetts Bill being voted on and the results showing the yea’s being 122 against the nay’s being only 29.

The bill will see licensing for interested online betting sites and the regulation of the market within the state. Currently it will only allow for three licenses to be issued for online poker. In order to be granted a license all operators will be required to pay a $1 million licensing fee for a period of 10 years upfront.

The bill has revisions that only allow players over the age of 21 to participate. Proof of identity will be required and those licensed will be required to provide proof of those identities if requested to the state. Only people residing in the state will be able to play at those who eventually get licensed if passed at the senate level.

This is good news for those in Massachusetts who enjoy poker and want choices as to where and how they can play.