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Williams Interactive Signs Content Supply Deal with Ladbrokes

Williams Interactive, an interactive gambling firm announced that a new content supply deal has been signed with Ladbrokes. This new content deal which was signed by Williams Interactive will have all of the WMS developed slots added to the online casinos that Ladbrokes operates.

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Williams Interactive will begin porting over all of their casino games onto the Ladbrokes owned online casinos, each of of the games that WMS has developed will be live mid way through this year. A large portion of the games that Williams Interactive offers is already available at Ladbrokes. The reason for this is because Scientific Games, the parent company for WMS signed a content deal with Ladbrokes earlier on last year.

This deal is a part of a series of moves that Williams Interactive has been making in 2014. Recently the developers announced that they would be closing Jackpot Party, an online casino they operated. The reason for this is so that WMS could provide their software to various online casinos within the online gambling market.

Jordan Levin, The Managing Director behind Williams Interactive commented on this content deal saying, “We have spent the last three months working hard to reinvent our image as software developers. We want our software to be available on a variety of online casinos so that our loyal fans have variety in their gameplay. We believe that Ladbrokes punters will enjoy the experiences, themes, features and winning combinations that are developed into the slots we offer.”

European Online Gambling Study Revealed By Ystats

The German research firm “Ystats” announced that they have released a survey which details all of the online gambling habits for the full online gambling industry in Europe.

The survey has been named “Europe Online Gambling Market 2014” and through the survey you find that Europeans gamble online more than any other region. The United Kingdom tops off that list with holding more than 20% for the total amount of gambling that occurs online. Germans on the other hand deposit and wager more than any other country in Europe.

Personal Computers is still the most popular form of online gambling, but recently mobile devices such as Smart phones and Tablets are picking up in popularity, half of those who own a tablet in the United Kingdom gambled online last year. The Germans and the French prefer to use their computers when it comes to gambling online. Belgians on the other hand have been making the transition over to mobile gambling.

As of right now the fastest growing gambling markets within Europe is Turkey and Poland, both of these countries saw a massive growth in online gambling in 2013. Over twenty million punters located in Turkey gambled online last year.
Russia is also seeing a growth in their online gambling more, a 20% increase in wagers occurred in 2013. Russia has not seen a large amount of online gambling occur over mobile devices, experts suspect that mobile gambling in Europe will reach over 60 Million people every year by 2016.