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Mega Fortune Jackpot goes for a whopping €2,924,384

Half way through the month, one lucky gambler was able to become an instant millionaire after they triggered a progressive jackpot while spinning the reels on Mega Fortune, a video slot developed by Net Entertainment. This lucky gambler was able to win a total of €2,924,384.

Net Entertainment Logo

Net Entertainment released a statement regarding this win, saying: “Mega Fortune remains as one of the best of the video slots in the online gambling market. The game continues to provide punters with countless opportunities to become a multi-millionaire. The punter who triggered this €2,924,384 win has stated that he will use the money towards a new house, a family vacation and a series of new cars for his family.”

This is the twenty second time that a progressive jackpot has been triggered on Mega Fortune. The video slot holds the record for the largest progressive jackpot to ever be triggered in the online gambling market. This is a smaller win than normally triggered on the jackpot, normally you will find that the progressive jackpot in Mega Fortune will pay out roughly four million Euro’s. The largest jackpot to be won through this slot was worth €17,860,868 and was won early on in 2013.

You can now play Mega Fortune by registering an account with any casino that boasts the Net Entertainment software. You just won’t be met with an exciting gameplay experience but you will also be met with multiple opportunities to win a life changing amount of money.

Betting Regulation Bill Being Introduced In Czech Republic

The Czechoslovakia Republic Government announced that they are introducing a bill allowing for all of the land based casinos within the country to provide legalized online betting, this information came to light after the Deputy Finance Minster in the Czech Republic announced it in an interview.

Czech flag

Ondrej Zavodsky made this announcement during the interview, the deputy finance minster states that the current government in the country in looking a way to better the amount of tax revenues that they bring in each year. One of the ways their planning to do this is by legalizing online gambling in the country. As of right now the country brings in an estimated 8.1 Billion Koruna in gambling revenues which is roughly $401 Million USD.

Online Gambling would allow for more revenue and impact the country in a positive way as the bill will increase the amount of profit that Czech Republic earns from gambling operators by 20%. This will in return allow for the country to grow.

During the interview the finance minister said, “We need to provide a gambling environment that targets the hardcore gambling audience but at the same time target the regular gambling audience. We will do this by offering multiple online table and slot games that can appeal to a wide variety of different players. We hope that by doing this the country will be able to earn a larger amount of tax revenues which can be used to better this country tenfold.”

The bill will be put into effect by 2016.

Deal or No Deal Jackpot Won At JackpotJoy

Every week someone’s life is changed due to online gambling, punters wager at various casinos in hopes that they can trigger a jackpot win. Each week one or two online punters have their wishes granted, this week one punter was able to win £142,644 while playing Deal or No Deal at JackpotJoy.

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JackpotJoy released a short statement regarding this win saying, “This makes this over one hundred times that this jackpot has been won. It is a game that constantly proves to be popular and has players turning to it for the large jackpots it produces. We are of the opinion that Gamesy’s has done remarkably well with its design of this slot. Gamesys has become a part of our online casino and is one of the core games that our punters love.”

Deal or No Deal is a unique slot designed after the fan favorite TV show. This 5 reel, 20 payline slot boasts a variety of features such as free spins, a bonus round, multipliers and wilds. This in return allows for punters to have a better opportunity at triggering larger winning combinations. The slot boasts a variety of symbols that you’ll remember from the television show, you will see cases and the host while spinning the reels. This in return makes for a realistic experience that makes you want to watch Deal or No Deal all over again.