Belgium adds five more to blocked list

Belgium has again added to its growing list of banned online betting sites in order to control those operating illegally within the country. This latest move saw,,, and Royalcasino added to the blacklist.

The blacklist forces Belgium internet providers to block these websites from being accessed within the country. This list is growing at a rapid pace, which didn’t start until the 2013 calendar year but now includes over 70 sites.

The point of the blacklist tis to protect Belgium’s ability to tax winnings within the country and earn much needed revenue from licensing fees that is now applies to those who obtain a license. Any betting site that gets caught around the blacklist could see €100,000 fines applied for each day they are found to be in contempt. It also can apply a €25,000 against those caught to be gambling under any of the blacklisted sites.

To date the efforts of the Belgium Government has seen only limited success as only 50% of those offering internet services in the country are applying the bans.