The iPhone 6 To Be Released In August

There have been rumors floating around this last week that Apple would releasing the iPhone 6 in August. The rumors which came from reliable sources indicate that in order to keep up with the demand for new phones, Apple will be releasing their new iPhone two months earlier than it normally would. We are spectacle about this rumor as last year the same reliable sources said that the iPhone 5S would be released two months in advance as well but ended up being released in October like the majority of other iPhones.


The iPhone 6 is supposed to come in three separate models. The first model will resemble the design of the iPhone 5S while the second model will resemble a larger form of the new iPhone 6, boosting a bigger screen and better pixel quality within the screen display. The final model will resemble the iPhone 5C but will boost the internals of the iPhone 5S. Essentially Apple is trying to create an iPhone that is cheap, an iPhone that is affordable and an iPhone that is meant for the wealthy.

When asked about these rumors Apple had nothing to say about them, meaning that these rumors could very well be true. Recently Apple also announced that their planning to potentially release the iTunes Store onto all Android based devices, this in return would allow for Apple to earn larger revenues and become more popular amongst Android fans. We will keep you informed on any updates revolving around the iPhone 6.