All About Microgaming Casinos

The History of Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the largest online software companies who develop casino games for online casinos. They first began to develop games in the spring of 1994 and have since become known as leaders within the industry for the innovative software they have created and the games that are offered for the software. Microgaming started with a handful of games back then with those created being based on many of the slots that were popular at the time. The software was quite advanced for its time and performed exceptionally well. It was easy to navigate within and the listing of games was clearly laid out as was banking and other related features.

As time has gone on Microgaming has continued to lead the industry with the advancement of gaming software. They released a poker client for licenses as well as a bingo client. This is a standard now with the larger software companies but it was Microgaming who first hit on this side of the market. They continued by aggressively partnering with Spin3 to create one of the best mobile casino platforms currently available. The continued push towards excellence is what drive Microgaming and expectations are always high with the release of new games or software updates. Microgaming releases new games at a rate of 2-3 per month and this is expected to continue during 2013.

These advances resulted in improved game performance and overall player satisfaction. The software was well received within the industry and players alike. It continues to be seen as leading software and to date more than 270 casinos have chosen the Microgaming software to power its games.

Overview of the Microgaming Software

The latest version of the software is called Viper was unleashed to the public in 2003. The Viper software took casino software to a new level and saw other software companies scrambling to play catch up. It is windows based allowing for multiple games to be opened and played simultaneously. It features many options that are geared to make the time you spend playing a more improved experience but also include many features such as the ability to review your transaction history, game history and player account information. This pertains to both your personal information and your player account information such as player rewards, promotions or exclusive offers.

One of the nice features to the Viper software is how it lists the games by category and then alphabetical order. It makes locating the game or type of game you are looking for fast and efficient. Slot games are further broken down by the number of lines each offers and identified by the type of slot, whether it is a classic slot, video slot or progressive slot. Each game is available to be previewed versus actually having to load each game to see if it suits your tastes. When you consider each of these features ad the hundreds of available slots under the Microgaming umbrella you will quickly see what a time saver it is.

Whether you prefer to use downloaded software or instant play the Microgaming software is easy to use. The downloadable version downloads in less than 5 minutes and registering an account is completed in under a minute. The same is true for the instant play software with respect to registration. Games tend to download quickly and will generally complete the process in one minute or so depending on the game and complexity of it. Newer games can take longer as they include more complex features that really are games within games.

Software Security Features

Microgaming employs dedicated professionals to ensure the software operates in a secure manner at all times. This includes the use of encryption software to process transactions, firewall software to protect player information and more. Each Microgaming licensee is required to maintain this high level of security and operate in a standard that includes zero tolerances towards spam or the sharing of personal information with other third parties. The protection of player information is critical for any casinos overall success and being attached to the Microgaming brand carries a certain level of prestige most operators do not want to see forfeited.

Microgaming is one of the founders of the eCOGRA certification program. eCOGRA certification requires that any licensee or casino who wishes to obtain certification allow for complete access and review of its operations. This includes day to day backend operations, game audits and more. It further includes a standard operating principle that related to the processing of withdrawals, customer support and other key areas. It is similar to industrial certification programs and works towards achieving improved levels of confidence and trust.
This added level of dedication goes a long way towards placing Microgaming at thee top of the list for software companies who offer online casino software and game development. Be sure to look at how playing under a Microgaming casino can be the right move for you.