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Bryan Zuriff pleads Guilty in illegal Gambling operation

Bryan Zuriff, a Hollywood producer of film, has now pleaded guilty for the operation of an illegal gambling operation that operated online. It saw some big names in Hollywood being involved in this illegal operation.

With the guilty plea Mr Zuriff admitted to his involvement in the acceptance of wagers relating to sports. The business was operated within Los Angeles and to date the defendant has forfeit more than $500,000 that the received from the illegal operation. He now may be sentenced to as much as five years in a federal prison for his involvement in this operation.

Preet Bharara, the district attorney responsible for prosecuting this case stated “Mr Zuriff accepted wagers from coast to coast in this illegal operation operated out of Los Angeles. He also assisted to operate an illegal operation in New York relating to gambling. He is the first to be convicted for his involvement but will not be the last”
It is believed that this operation generated substantial income over the time it operated with revenue believed to exceed $100 million usd. This was due to those placing bets having access to millions of dollars.