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Full Bloom Released By WinADay Casino


Full Bloom is the latest video slot to be released by WinADay Casino, this slot is proprietary based which means that it has been created directly by WinADay and offers their signature gambling experience at its core.

This 5 reel, 15 payline video slot comes with a floral design showcasing vines along the paylines and flowers as icons on the reels. There is also various features to be triggered such as scatters, wilds and bonus rounds. The maximum bet of $6 is compelling, allowing for a bankroll to last for a longer period of time. Due to all of these aspects WinADay has already seen a high player activity percentage for their latest slot.

The Casino Manager of WinADay made a short statement regarding as to why the betting selection is so low. Michael Hilary noted that there are plenty of gamblers who enjoy a higher betting selection, bigger maximum bets and larger payouts such as slots like “Gypsy Charm or Castle Siege”. In the statement he also noted that there are just as many players who have more fun wagering less and just enjoying the core experience of the slot. That’s the very reason as to why Full Bloom has been released to WinADay Casino.

Those wishing to try their luck at Full Bloom will first have to register an account with WinADay Casino, providing a valid payment method in the process. This slot will forever be exclusive to WinADay, will inform you of the first big jackpot win to come from this slot.