Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs Explained

Online Loyalty Programs are available with most online casinos. The casinos goal is to keep you playing with their casino and by offering increased rewards it acts as an incentive for you to play exclusively with that particular casino. A Loyalty Program is meant to reward you for the time you spend and play with the casino. You will receive points based on the wagers you make on any of the games found within the casino. Loyalty points will vary based on the type of game such as slots, which will award you with higher points than table games for example. This is due to the higher variance that slots present.

As with most loyalty programs online casinos include levels within their loyalty programs. As you begin to play and earn points you have the ability to advance levels based on the volume you wager. The more you wager the faster you will progress through the levels that may be offered. Generally loyalty programs allow for levels to be reached on a quarterly basis. You are able to maintain the current level you have achieved or advance to the next level within that time period. All programs will maintain players at a minimum Loyalty level so the risk of being removed from the program is removed.

As a general rule loyalty programs will reward you at a rate of one loyalty point for every $10 you wager. Due to the higher payout rations that online casino games offer the points add up quickly and when compared to other loyalty programs offered with land based casinos the difference is quickly realized. As you progress through the different loyalty levels you will earn points at a faster rate and increase the rewards you are able to receive.

The Benefits of a loyalty Program

The benefits are vast with loyalty programs online. As an online casino is not able to offer you a fee hotel room or a meal they reward players in other ways that usually are superior to that a land based casino tends to offer. Some of the benefits you will find offered include the ability to use points earned towards free casino credits, exclusive deposit bonuses, entries into tournaments with guaranteed prize pools and more.

As you advance to new levels within the loyalty program you will gain additional benefits that can be quite generous. These can range from the ability to earn points at a faster rate, increased deposit bonuses, gifts for Christmas and Birthdays and more. Dedicated VIP Managers will be assigned to ensure you are looked after to a level that will surprise many players. They will call you and develop personal relationships and work towards you being satisfied in multiple ways.

Some programs will go as far as to provide tickets to sporting events in your local area and even award you with luxury trips such as cruises. Often they will include other players and will reward generous amount of cash and prizes during the trip. The benefits of online loyalty programs can far exceed those you are accustomed to with your local casino.

VIP Programs

As some casinos offer both a loyalty program and a VIP program it can be a bit confusing as the two are separate of one another. A VIP Program is operated over and above any standard loyalty program. The loyalty program will reward you with points that can be used towards free casino credits but it is the VIP Program where you get the real rewards. The average VIP program will include 4-5 levels and the more points you earn the faster you will advance within the program. For the most part they work the same way that Loyalty Programs do in that regard but are designed to offer bigger and better rewards.

Some VIP programs may be invitation only however most online casinos will allow for all players to have the ability to enter a program. VIP Programs will offer many of the same advantages that Loyalty Program do such as free gifts, vacations, free cash to use in the casino and more. They will include various exclusive deposit offers and dedicated support staff to handle questions or provide you with rewards based on you level within the program. They are there to provide you with one on one service and will cater to your needs as an individual versus basing all rewards from the book so to speak.

Each person has a different play style and deserves to be rewarded. There are some players who are in a position to deposit large sums of money each week and others who deposit less. Each is valuable to an online casino and the casinos understand that. Therefore they provide VIP managers whose job is to get to know you, review your account and understand the type of rewards you like to receive.

Be sure to read over details of any loyalty programs or VIP Programs that you see when you are considering an online casino. They can have a large impact on how you feel and are treated by the casino. We all enjoy being treated a little special now and then and Loyalty/VIP Programs are designed to do exactly that.