Monthly Archives: April 2013

New Gambling Bill Proposed in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania politicians have created a bill to permit gambling online within the state. Bill HB1235 was drafted by Rep Tina Davis and would see online gambling become legal in the state. However it is unlikely, even if approved, that many operators will chose to do business within the state due to the outlandish licensing fees being proposed, which currently is $5 million plus a tax of 28%. These numbers have actually been reduced from the initial proposal of $16.4 million plus 45% tax.

In the event this bill is passed into legislation it would fall into the hands of the state gaming board to administer and regulate as well as provide and approve licenses. Rep Davis is trying to garner support for this bill stating the amount it would generate in tax revenue for the state, allow Pennsylvania to remain competitive against other neighboring states and also the potential for job creation.

While it is hopeful the bill will pass it will not gain much offshore betting attention with the fees they wish to charge and will in effect close the door and see the state remain uncompetitive with those states that have more reasonable licensing fees.