Casino Tropez announces Big Winners in January

Casino Tropez has announced it started 2013 off with some incredible wins. One lucky player saw his New Year take a turn for the better with winnings that exceeded $3 Million during a record run during the first few days of the New Year.

This was not a typical winning streak as the player, known only as Aswad hit his first incredible win while playing Gladiator. Aswad is quoted as saying he was stunned to realize he had just won $1,579,000 and almost fell off his chair by the shock of such a large win. What he didn’t know was more was to follow!

The winning continued while playing Gladiator and another sizable win of $830,000 was won by Aswad. In total Aswad won more than $2.4 million while playing Gladiator and set a record at Casino Tropez with the Gladiator slot machine. To add to this incredible lucky streak Aswad also hit a couple of substantial wins while playing the video slot Pink Panther. This saw an extra $540,000 added to his winnings for the week.

Casino Tropez operates using the Playtech software and offers more than 360 casino games including slots, video poker and table games. They are currently offering some generous new player bonuses and with wins like Aswad has been getting the time could not be better to get in on the action.