Full Tilt Poker Starts Paying back US players

The US players from Full Tilt Poker that have been waiting for more than 2 years no in order to receive the money out of their Full Tilt Poker account, have an excellent news. Full Tilt will begin making payments starting next week.

The repayment process is going to start on September 16th. In case you are a former FTP player and you would like to receive your money back, then you should make a request by filling out the form available at FullTiltPokerClaims.com.

The administrator that will take care of the payments is called Garden City Group and they were given the contract to do so by the US Department of Justice.
The repayment plan is very simple at this moment. There are two months available in which you can make the claim and after that they will start making the payments.

This is an excellent news for all the Full Tilt Poker players from United States that still had to receive money out of the FTP accounts. The European players for example were paid out many months ago as this poker room has started to resume their operations and become a legal online poker room in many of the European countries.

The reason why there were so many big delays is because the administrator found it difficult to get all the data together and figure out all the payments. Thankfully things are right now and there shouldn’t be any more problems.