Land Based Gambling to be legalized in Japan

Japan hasn’t allowed for land based gambling to be legal for decades. The politicians of Japan are now looking towards making land based gambling legal throughout the entire country. The shift of attitude towards online gambling in Japan is due to a new agency Reuter who says that the new Liberal Democratic Party in Japan is helping getting this bill off of the ground, convincing the other politicians of its potential for the country.

The reports say that the land based gambling structure would resemble the structure of Las Vegas or Singapore. This means there would be a long strip of land based casinos for the Japanese Citizens to choose from. Any firm or company wishing to make a land based casino on their future strip will be required to give ten years worth of business records to the Japanese Government.

There is already a policy plan put into place by the new Agency Reuter. The new policy reads as this, “In order for companies to enter our land based gambling industry they will have to meet our high standards, no one will just be able to go out and get a license from us to operate in our new industry. Our new laws and regulations will allow for us to enforce a strict new law so that our citizens may receive the full experience of gambling.”

The new bill will be introduced at the end of this year. The first of the land based casinos are predicted to be built in the second quarter of 2014. Japan’s citizens will be able to look forward to entering these new land based casinos by 2015.