Sportsbet creates unique advertising to promote to incoming flights to Melbourne

Sportsbet, Australia’s largest provider for online sports betting, undertook a rather unique and effective advertising promotion this week. While it is customary for most online betting companies to find unique ways to promote their brand it is not common that they paid their brand logo on a farmer’s field.

The field in question happens to be in line with the landing strip for Melbourne Airport and thus allows those arriving to the Australia to get familiar with the joys of Australian sportsbetting. Sportsbetis owned by Paddy Power and was meant to show support for its parent company and ultimately its support for the Australian Wallabies Rugby team. This same team just so happens to have a scheduled game against the Lions of Britain this coming week.

The advertisement has not been well received by local political members and other people who failed to notice the humor behind it. The fact that the Aussie wallaby was show on top of a lion failed to impress those a little stuffy and lacked the appreciation of the intended jab.