The Calvin Ayre Foundation Helping The Philippines Typhoon Aid

Bodog, an online sports betting/casino that is famous across the globe announced that founder Calvin Ayre is going to give the Philippines Typhoon Aid a massive donation of $1,000,000 in order to help those who are suffering in that Typhoon effected country.
The Calvin Ayre Foundation allow mentioned that they would match all of the donations that is made through the iGaming Industry.
This announcement was made in order to boost the aid that is being given to the Philippines right now. The majority of the residents in the Philippines are in desperate need of these donations and hopefully this ploy to gain more donations will be a success.

Calvin Ayre is donation two hundred thousand dollars of his own money and has said that he will match up to one million dollars.
This will make a huge difference in the relief fund for the country and will allow for more aid to be given to the citizens of the Philippines. Those looking to make a donation can go to the relief fund website and then send your receipt to, this will allow for the foundation to match your donation.

A statement was released by the Calvin Ayre Foundation regarding the donations and it read, “The Philippines is in desperate need of Aid and as one of the largest entertainment markets the online gambling industry should help by supporting the Philippines with donations. The Filipino People will be more grateful for your donations then you could possibly ever imagine.”