Online Punters in New Jersey prefer licensed and regulated online gambling

The Commercial Intelligence Group for New Jersey announced that they conducted a survey from the November launch to current day. Through this survey they were able to find that online punters prefer to gamble at a licensed and regulated online casino instead of playing at an offshore online casino. This is because offshore online casinos are owned by unknown operators which makes everything a little bit sketchier.

The report was posted on, a well known online gambling website for New Jersey. Through the report you see that 37% of online punters have made the choice to remain playing at a regulated and licensed online New Jersey casino instead of playing at an offshore online casino. The other 35% of those who were interviewed during the survey also said that they are completely new to online gambling and aren’t sure as to which type of online casino is better. Over five hundred citizens in New Jersey were questioned for this survey, this only being a small percentage of online punters in the state.

Online casinos based out of New Jersey do see a high player ratio then any offshore online casino. Showing that the overall population prefers to enjoy their states gambling experience over anything else. The Commercial Intelligence Group also commented in their study noting that their survey presents a unique ratio that shows the state has the opportunity to bring in a large amount of tax revenue if they continue to provide a safe, regulated and licensed experience.