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Land Based Gambling to be legalized in Japan

Japan hasn’t allowed for land based gambling to be legal for decades. The politicians of Japan are now looking towards making land based gambling legal throughout the entire country. The shift of attitude towards online gambling in Japan is due to a new agency Reuter who says that the new Liberal Democratic Party in Japan is helping getting this bill off of the ground, convincing the other politicians of its potential for the country.

The reports say that the land based gambling structure would resemble the structure of Las Vegas or Singapore. This means there would be a long strip of land based casinos for the Japanese Citizens to choose from. Any firm or company wishing to make a land based casino on their future strip will be required to give ten years worth of business records to the Japanese Government.

There is already a policy plan put into place by the new Agency Reuter. The new policy reads as this, “In order for companies to enter our land based gambling industry they will have to meet our high standards, no one will just be able to go out and get a license from us to operate in our new industry. Our new laws and regulations will allow for us to enforce a strict new law so that our citizens may receive the full experience of gambling.”

The new bill will be introduced at the end of this year. The first of the land based casinos are predicted to be built in the second quarter of 2014. Japan’s citizens will be able to look forward to entering these new land based casinos by 2015.

Juicy Stakes Poker bought out by Zavox Management

Juicy Stakes Poker has been a troubled internet poker website for a couple of years now. Juicy Stakes Poker just announced today that their company has been purchased by Zagox Management. This will hopefully bring a new light to the brand and increase its position with poker players online.

The announcement of the buyout was made over email and said the follow, “For a long time we as a company has been looking for new ways to make our customers gambling experience more enjoyable and thrilling. Unfortunately the task we sought out proved to be too difficult for us but Zagox Manangement N.X has bought out our company and will now be the solution for Juicy Stakes Poker”.

If you are a previous player of Juicy Stakes Poker you will not need to worry. If you have won money and have yet to cash it out you will be able to put in the request again. All requests for cash outs before Zagox Management bought out Juicy Stakes Poker will be processed during a timeframe given to you by a cashier.

Juicy Stake Poker’s representative apologized for the inconvenience this might cause the customers of Juicy Stakes Poker. He also went on to stress that all the cash outs will be paid out during a timeframe that the cashier will give to you. He also ensured the loyal players of Juicy Stakes Poker that their gambling experience will only continue to improve with this new management.

New US Office for EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix is an important online gambling software developer and they have just announced to open an office in United States. This means that they are probably planning to increase their operations across the United States.

The EveryMatrix is a company that is able to bring some of the latest innovations and software technology to this highly competitive market. They have clients from all over the world and some of the most popular clients are PlayHippo, Guts and Centrebet. Pietro Addeo is the one who will lead operations at the new office and since he has a nice portfolio as he used to work for Bet365, IGT and Betshop.

The new office will be located in New York. The region has an excellent potential and can truly offer new opportunities to the company. And at the same time thanks to the presence of EveryMatrix in United States, they will be able to be in contact with the online gambling community and create games that are specific to their needs.

Full Tilt Poker Starts Paying back US players

The US players from Full Tilt Poker that have been waiting for more than 2 years no in order to receive the money out of their Full Tilt Poker account, have an excellent news. Full Tilt will begin making payments starting next week.

The repayment process is going to start on September 16th. In case you are a former FTP player and you would like to receive your money back, then you should make a request by filling out the form available at

The administrator that will take care of the payments is called Garden City Group and they were given the contract to do so by the US Department of Justice.
The repayment plan is very simple at this moment. There are two months available in which you can make the claim and after that they will start making the payments.

This is an excellent news for all the Full Tilt Poker players from United States that still had to receive money out of the FTP accounts. The European players for example were paid out many months ago as this poker room has started to resume their operations and become a legal online poker room in many of the European countries.

The reason why there were so many big delays is because the administrator found it difficult to get all the data together and figure out all the payments. Thankfully things are right now and there shouldn’t be any more problems.

William Hill facing hearing with U.K Advertising Authority

One of the largest internet betting companies William Hill is facing hearing charges with the United Kingdom Advertising Authority. William Hill offer a wide assortment of betting services within the United Kingdom and worldwide including betting shops, online casinos, poker, bingo and sports.

Britain’s advertising standards authority (ASA) were very upset about two newspaper advertisements with was published earlier this year by this enormous internet betting organization – William Hill PLC.

An avid reader of the newspaper found that the advertisements to be offensive. They believe the Daily Mirror and the Racing Post gave the wrong impression. The odds listed on the advertisements were only offered for a very limited period.

The advertisement listed in the newspaper indicated “6/1 SIR DES CHAMPS TO WIN THE CHELTENHAM GOLD CUP” and “4/1 THE NEW ONE TO WIN THE JOHN SMITH’S AINTREE HURDLE”. In addition, this misleading advertisement had fine print which indicated “prices correct as o 5pm yesterday” and that was not accurate and therefore it led to the filed complaint.

For the time being, Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)had requested this internet betting giant – William Hill PLC. not to continue to advertise.

Bryan Zuriff pleads Guilty in illegal Gambling operation

Bryan Zuriff, a Hollywood producer of film, has now pleaded guilty for the operation of an illegal gambling operation that operated online. It saw some big names in Hollywood being involved in this illegal operation.

With the guilty plea Mr Zuriff admitted to his involvement in the acceptance of wagers relating to sports. The business was operated within Los Angeles and to date the defendant has forfeit more than $500,000 that the received from the illegal operation. He now may be sentenced to as much as five years in a federal prison for his involvement in this operation.

Preet Bharara, the district attorney responsible for prosecuting this case stated “Mr Zuriff accepted wagers from coast to coast in this illegal operation operated out of Los Angeles. He also assisted to operate an illegal operation in New York relating to gambling. He is the first to be convicted for his involvement but will not be the last”
It is believed that this operation generated substantial income over the time it operated with revenue believed to exceed $100 million usd. This was due to those placing bets having access to millions of dollars.

Bill to legalize gambling online in Massachusetts defeated again

The latest attempt to get online betting legal in the state of Massachusetts has once again been defeated by the states senate. The latest bill was called S.1826 and was crafted by Bruce Tarr, the Senate minority leader.

This bill was full of measures such as a tax of 20% against operators ad would only have allowed for those who currently operate casinos within the state to be licensed. This latest defeat is one in a long list of attempts to see online gambling legal within the state. At this time is is not known if further attempts will be brought forward.

It is situations like this why a federal bill will gain momentum. The need for a law at a federal level is one that must be made a priority in order to give people the ability to decide where and how they spend monies they wish to spend on gambling entertainment.

Play’n Go to provide software for Leo Vegas Casino

Leo Vegas, an online betting establishment, has agreed to a deal that will have the casino offering games from Play’n Go that will include their full suite of mobile games. As a part of this new agreement there will be a total of thirty-five games.
These games will be compatible for iOS, Windows 8, Android and Blackberry devices. The games have been designed to work with smartphones and most tablets as well. Some of the games you can expect to see include Gold Trophy 2, Riches of Ra, Wild Blood and Ninja Fruits.

Philip Kellin, the spokesperson for Leo Vegas said “Leo Vegas position as a leader for distinctive games for the Scandinavian market will only grow with the inclusion of the Play’n Go mobile games. We expect this will increase the appeal we have for those looking for a reliable platform where they can play mobile games that are quality based”

Johan Törnqvist, the CEO for Play’n Go commented saying “The ability to provide our mobile games to only improves our reputation as leaders of mobile content. Our newest slot, Ninja Fruits has been released for smartphones and this is the perfect place to showcase it”

Sportsbet creates unique advertising to promote to incoming flights to Melbourne

Sportsbet, Australia’s largest provider for online sports betting, undertook a rather unique and effective advertising promotion this week. While it is customary for most online betting companies to find unique ways to promote their brand it is not common that they paid their brand logo on a farmer’s field.

The field in question happens to be in line with the landing strip for Melbourne Airport and thus allows those arriving to the Australia to get familiar with the joys of Australian sportsbetting. Sportsbetis owned by Paddy Power and was meant to show support for its parent company and ultimately its support for the Australian Wallabies Rugby team. This same team just so happens to have a scheduled game against the Lions of Britain this coming week.

The advertisement has not been well received by local political members and other people who failed to notice the humor behind it. The fact that the Aussie wallaby was show on top of a lion failed to impress those a little stuffy and lacked the appreciation of the intended jab.

Belgium adds five more to blocked list

Belgium has again added to its growing list of banned online betting sites in order to control those operating illegally within the country. This latest move saw,,, and Royalcasino added to the blacklist.

The blacklist forces Belgium internet providers to block these websites from being accessed within the country. This list is growing at a rapid pace, which didn’t start until the 2013 calendar year but now includes over 70 sites.

The point of the blacklist tis to protect Belgium’s ability to tax winnings within the country and earn much needed revenue from licensing fees that is now applies to those who obtain a license. Any betting site that gets caught around the blacklist could see €100,000 fines applied for each day they are found to be in contempt. It also can apply a €25,000 against those caught to be gambling under any of the blacklisted sites.

To date the efforts of the Belgium Government has seen only limited success as only 50% of those offering internet services in the country are applying the bans.